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Transparency in the supply chain has today become one of the main concerns of societies. Blockchain adds to traceability a layer of reliability and immutability while adding value to the entire chain, providing stakeholders with the tools to verify what they are buying or consuming.



Blockchain contributes to eliminate bureaucracy, streamlining administrative processes and increasing the level of reliability of public records and processes.



We help our business partners find the blockchain solution that delivers the most value to their digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation


We support organizations in the process of identifying opportunities, developing the capacities and implementing opportunities that arise as a result of the disruption of the new technologies. (IA, Blockchain, Cloud, Analytics)

We’re proud to be the first Uruguayan company to back its products in a transparent and verifiable manner using The Chain Rocket’s technology.
Eduardo Blasina
UCAN Director


Do not trust. Verify. Cannabis Traceability from sprout to packaging.

CannOnChain is a traceability tool especially designed for the Medical Cannabis production process. In line with the highest level standard requirements and aligned with good agricultural practices our product is GMP compatible.

Information is documented on the Blockchain in an immutable and secure way, generating security and confidence in the prospect buyer.

The product

  • Greenhouse/Outdoor operator’s Android and iPhone application
  • Android and iPhone application of the laboratory operator or verifier
  • Production management web platform
  • Training and Online User Manual
  • GAP aligned
  • GMP compatible

Custom made solution can include

  • Connection with external bluethooth devices or meteorological center
  • Customization of functionalities
  • IOT devices
  • Lab tech integration
  • ERP integration

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Let’s talk about blockchain…

Let’s talk then about a verifiable and distributed ledger based on cryptography where information can be stored as well as small programs (smart contracts) can be executed in a fully transparent and decentralized way.

Trustless transactions

Every movement remains engraved and can be verified on the blockchain allowing all the parties the possibility to check instead of needing to trust each other through a third party or intermediary.

Automated agreements

No need to pursue your counterparty for doing his part when you establish the agreement on a smart contract, fund it and focus on your part.

Cutting-edge technology growing

Gartner forecasts that blockchain will generate an annual business value of more than US $3 trillion by 2030. It’s possible to imagine that 10% to 20% of global economic infrastructure will be running on blockchain-based systems by that same year. (Source: PWC) How far is your business from this digital transformation? Let us narrow that down for you.


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